Immerse My City App

Immersing the Nations One Community at a Time.

The Immerse My City App is for any church or believer who is eager and willing to accept the call of the Gospel to bring the love of Jesus Christ everywhere they go. As a ministry, our team at Immerse has organized and led hundreds of community outreaches over the years, finding ways to be more impactful while making the process as straight forward as possible. After fine-tuning our evangelism and outreach processes, we've taken all that we know and created a revolutionary app that will allow you to follow the same effective structures for outreach and follow up.

Take a look at some of the initial features below as we continue to add more and more helpful tools.

If you are interested in learning more, or how you can become an outreach organizer and run your own outreaches, request early access with our team

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Some App Features

(So much more to come!)

Easily Create Outreaches

Set your starting point, route limitations, desired completion times, and more.

Add Routes Quickly

Create as many routes as you want by simply tapping each stop on the map.

Invite Participants to Join

Joining an outreach is as simple as downloading the app and entering a short outreach code.

Watch Participants Register Live

As the organizer, preview all the registered participants live and add/remove new participants easily.

Teams and Leaders are Automatically Assigned

Based on previous outreach experience and outreach settings, the app will automatically assign route team leaders and their team members.

Teams are Guided Step-By-Step to Each Location on Route

Each Route Leader is given step-by-step directions on how to get from each stop to the next; allowing for entry of each interaction and additional notes.

See Up-To-Date Data on Current and Past Outreaches

All outreaches you've organized or participated in are saved to your personal account and dashboard.

View Past Outreaches and Export Outreach Data

View past outreaches anytime and export outreach data to your computer or email with the click of a button. 

Want to learn more?

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